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As a leading competitor of export taxidermy mounts for sale, Pan African Art Gallery was born out of a deep love and appreciation of wildlife. Owner and artist Modou, felt a desire to capture the stunning beauty of majestic wild animals, and to preserve their essence for people who love nature, and those who might otherwise never have the privilege of personally seeing these magnificent animals in places like Kruger National Park. From the beginning, Pan African Art was about creating ‘living’ art that is a tribute to the exceptional beauty and power of wild animals.


Taxidermy is not new. In fact, the golden age of taxidermy was during the Victorian era when mounted animals became a popular part of interior design and decor.

In the early 20th century, taxidermy began to evolve into its modern form under the leadership of great artists and talented pioneers. So, what makes us different, and why should you want to own our art?

The answer is simple – not all taxidermy is created equally, and we pride ourselves on a standard of excellence that is the result of years of experience and professionalism, combined with attention to detail, and most importantly, an innate appreciation and understanding of the live animal in the wild.

This is evidenced in the lifelike appearance of our work. In addition, we employ the best technology and practices of the industry, to ensure that our products are made to last.

Rightfully, there is an increasing global outcry against illegal poaching and the exotic pet trade, and at Pan African Art, we uphold the integrity of our brand and industry with an absolute commitment to using only legal sources.

All our species are legally obtained come from various zoos/ game reserves, or come from government culling programs. Most of them died from natural causes and are accompanied with the necessary certificates. We respect and support conservation and the preservation of our wildlife for future generations, and are compliant with CITES and other regulations.

What we do is not about exploiting wildlife, but perpetuating an appreciation of wildlife beyond the death of an animal. It’s about capturing the essence of a wild life and celebrating it’s beauty through affordable art that can be enjoyed and appreciated in homes, museums, offices, and public displays around the globe. Pan African Art Gallery also does custom made mounts, and we can mount any positions of your choice on order. For a full range of skins, decor, skulls, and mounts available, please visit our online shop.