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The golden age of taxidermy was during the Victorian era, when mounted animals became a popular part of interior design and decor.

In the early 20th century, taxidermy began to evolve into its modern form under the leadership of great artists such as Carl E. Akeley, William T. Horneday, Coloman Jonas and Leon Pray. These and other talented pioneers developed anatomically accurate manikins which incorporated every detail–right down to each muscle and tendon of the animal–in artistically pleasing poses. They invented new techniques for mounting that allowed them to portray animals with uncanny lifelike accuracy. They created mounts in realistic settings and poses that were more appropriate for the species. This was quite a change from the crude, snarling caricatures that were popularly offered as hunting trophies.

Taxidermy Mounts For Sale – Pan African Art Gallery

Pan African Art Gallery is a leading competitor of export taxidermy mounts  for sale; based in Durban South Africa we offer competitive rates on a variety of preserved skins. Having been in the export business for the past 18 years, we are able to transport our products to you, anywhere in the world with all permits, with traceable references in most countries of the world.

We are mainly wholesaler.
We are able to provide you a vast range of animal skin, namely, lion, zebra, giraffe, springbok ect, in both full mount (life size) and shoulder mount (cape).

All our species are legally obtained come from  various zoos, game reserves or come from government culling programs, most of them died from natural dieth and accompanied with the necessary certificates, we are also cites compliant.

Pan African Art Gallery also does custom made mounts, and can mount any positions of your choice on order.

For a full range of skins,skulls and mounts available, please visit our online shop.