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Baby Giraffe full mount for sale – BGFM2


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Baby Giraffe mounts for sale

Pan African Art Gallery, taxidermy quality baby Giraffe full mount for sale in South Africa.

Giraffes are very calm animals and they tend to do very well with other plant eaters in the wild. They are often seen on the same feeding grounds as them. When there is plenty of food up high in the trees they will consume it first. This means there is more on the ground for those animals that can’t reach above them to feed.

These animals form social grounds even though they aren’t very vocal. The females tend to get along very well in their herds. The young males are extremely competitive though for who will be in charge and which ones earn the right to mate with the females. It can be a very long time before males are strong enough to be able to mate and they have been seen engaging in sexual behaviors with other males for that reason.


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