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Impala, Blesbok & Duiker Pedestal IBD1


The blesbok lives on the open plains of the South African highveld. Primarily grazers, they form herds consisting of females (ewes) and juveniles, while the males (rams) tend to be solitary. The neck and top of the back is brown, darker on the flanks with a white belly. A small white blaze on the forehead and a larger blaze below is usually divided between the eyes. With both sexes carrying horns, care must be taken when hunting blesbok to ensure that you take the animal of choice. The best time for hunting blesbok is while they are grazing in the morning or late afternoon. Like many other species, they tend to lay-up during the hottest part of the afternoon Impalas eat tender young grass shoots in the wet season and herbs and shrubs at other times. During the dry season they must drink daily The little blue duiker and yellow-backed duiker species live in montane, riverine, and rain forests. The bush duiker lives mostly in moist savannas and avoids rain forests

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