Zebra skeleton for sale ZSk1


Zebra Skeleton Dimensions:

Length: 220cm
Height: 152cm



Zebra Skeleton for sale

Pan African Art Gallery, Zebra skeleton for sale in South Africa. A glorious fixture of the African landscape, the zebra is a very flashy member of the normally mousy-colored horse family. Sporting a robust body of bold stripes, the zebra spends its busy life on the move seeking the best grazing in the mostly dusty world of the African savanna.

Because its skin is dark, many experts suggest that the zebra is a black (sometimes brown) furred animal with white stripes, while others will argue that the zebra has black stripes on a white field, pointing out the animals white undersides. No matter, the effect is dazzling, and provides this gregarious herd animal with a confusing defense of fluctuating dark and light motion. When a group of zebras rumbles passed a lion, leopard or cheetah, it is virtually impossible for the predator to pick out just one individual target. For the zebra, as is the case with many herd animals, there is great security in numbers. There are 3 main species of zebra. The most familiar are the plains zebras of which there are 5 subspecies each with slight variations in not only stripe pattern but color as well, some being decidedly brown instead of black. Of these, the Grant’s, a hearty animal true, bold black and white stripes that grow wider as they reach the rump, is the classic zebra in type.


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